Every day, over 50% of young women transform, clock in, and climb career ladders across the country. And that number is growing and speaking of entrepreneurial activities, the situation is doubled. Young women are seeking various opportunities to sharpen their axes so they can ace their entrepreneurial dreams.

With Ndoto Hub’s goal of propelling the next generation of successful women entrepreneurs, while on the other hand, PACT organization in Tanzania, through its SAUTI project that brings together groups of women and girls through a community banking and microbusiness development platform and enable them to help women and girls lift themselves and one another out of poverty. Because of the existing common goal of empowering women to run successful businesses and lead sustainable livelihoods, Ndoto Hub and SAUTI project perceived an opportunity of scaling the impact to a number of women in the country through peer-to-peer mentorship which the women beneficiaries of Ndoto Hub, commonly known as Ndoto Stars will be mentoring the SAUTI girls with business and personal development support.

It’s the common goal of Ndoto Hub and SAUTI Project to see the transformation and success of these young women’s businesses and their personal life out of this new mentorship program. We believe, through the small steps and support they give each other, it can act as a seed to grow and unleash the dreams of many other girls in the country.
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