Women have an uncanny desire to fix things. Call them natural born fixers. They would look at a challenge whatever the face it has put on and start devising ways to solve it. For themselves, for others, for their communities, they would go to lengths to create value. In some cases, it would be providing what people need or in other cases what people want. As a woman entrepreneur you need to leverage your skills, networks, experiences and expertise to provide that value. From this backdrop, Ndoto Hub in coordination with WaterAid Tanzania and the High Commission of Canada to Tanzania organized a mentorship workshop between Canadian and Tanzania Women Entrepreneurs to hold a dialogue and share lessons on how to succeed in the face of adversities.


For good customer service, it is important for entrepreneurs to involve users or their customers throughout the process of developing the product in order to connect with their actual needs and coming out with the proper solution.

Her Innovation event is a platform for young women with innovative solutions to network and create more opportunities, learn and discuss issues that face them on their daily business operations.


After 10 consecutive weeks of incubation program with back to back trainings, workshops and mentorship for business and personal development, knowledge & networking events, engagement activities and games to young women with big dreams and ambitions to change the world through their innovative business ideas, we finally celebrated their steps of their journey towards reaching their success.

The journey for this program started in May 2018 with about twelve young women with innovative ideas in Agribusiness and food processing sector, in the middle of the program some dropout and only nine young women entrepreneurs succeeded to graduate.


Wow! Time flies so much! We are almost done with the 2nd cohort in our incubation program. Since it’s towards the end of their program and the Global Entrepreneurship Week knocks, Ndoto Hub prepared Ndoto Pop Up event which was special for entrepreneurs at Ndoto Hub to actually meet the customers of their products so as connect, discuss, test products and share their feedback for improvement in order to bring effective satisfaction to customers.

Ndoto Pop Up event was open to the public and was a free-flowing kind of event to ensure the entrepreneurs and customers have enough time to discuss and share feedback.