Wow! Time flies so much! We are almost done with the 2nd cohort in our incubation program. Since it’s towards the end of their program and the Global Entrepreneurship Week knocks, Ndoto Hub prepared Ndoto Pop Up event which was special for entrepreneurs at Ndoto Hub to actually meet the customers of their products so as connect, discuss, test products and share their feedback for improvement in order to bring effective satisfaction to customers.

Ndoto Pop Up event was open to the public and was a free-flowing kind of event to ensure the entrepreneurs and customers have enough time to discuss and share feedback.

We were astonished by the response of people who actually participated in the event and claimed to actually enjoy and being amazed with the innovations from women entrepreneurs at Ndoto Hub and recommended to host these kinds of event frequently.

Lucky Michael, one among the members of Ndoto Hub, was really curious to receive the feedback from the people who passed through her booth and tested her amazing garlic natural and fresh juice! Yeah... garlic juice! So amazing!

We really can’t wait to see these entrepreneurs improve their products and services while we are counting down to their graduation ceremony.

We really thank all who participated without forgetting our partners and supporters.

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