In every year during the HDIF's Innovation week, Shule Direct through its incubator; Ndoto Hub brings ‘Her Innovation’ series of event; that is a platform for young women with innovative solutions to learn and network with their potential clients and other entrepreneurs so as to create more opportunities for themselves. By the highlighted Principles for Digital Development, the principle of ‘Design with a user’ provides Ndoto Hub cohort members (women entrepreneurs) an opportunity to design their solutions with their users (clients or participants of the event).

The first session involved the entrepreneurs at Ndoto Hub to interact with participants, showcasing their innovations while receiving feedback from the participants on the best ways to improve and develop the products that meets customer’s demand.

The second session involved the discussion around business sustainability issues. As been known, apart from the prevailing challenge facing the businesses to grow and scale, there are so many problems that women do face in penetration of their innovations in the market. Let alone knowledge and funding opportunities to grow business, it is also challenging for women to make it to the top. The question is; ‘How can entrepreneurs sustain their innovations/business solutions’? ‘Are they overstepping/overlooking some procedures? Or what is the issue?

We were so excited to have various experts in business and leadership, entrepreneurs, university students from IFM, University of Dar Es Salaam and Ardhi, researchers, government including the ministry of community development, business stakeholders and development partners such as Segal Family Foundation to discuss and share solutions regarding business sustainability.

The discussions were done in four different groups named group Gender, Jinsia, Género and Le sexe. (Swahili, Spanish and French translation of Gender consecutively)

Some key takeaways shared after the discussion was about increasing creativity for the most of entrepreneurs while entering and growing the market, understanding their customers well, advancing the business branding as well as developing the products and services that do solve prevailing problems in their communities.

We truly hope that all these points can help entrepreneurs to update their businesses strategies and grow sustainably.

Looking forward to learning with you at Ndoto Hub in our future events. Keep following us via our social media pages: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @ndotohub

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GENERALLY; The event left both invited visitors and members of Ndoto Hub who are having innovative solution very inspired. The Ndoto Hub members reported to have learnt great things got crucial feedback from users that will help them improve their products to match with user needs. Hawa Simba, who is an entrepreneur said,

‘‘I used to be inspired by the pictures of Ndoto Hub on Instagram, after speaking to these innovative ladies who are members of Ndoto Hub and participating on the discussion, I am more inspired and learnt a lot. I would like to encourage each one of us that, everything is possible, we should not give up.’’

And Felister, a jewelries designer and an entrepreneur at Ndoto Hub said, ‘‘I have loved everything about today’s event. I have met and linked up with many people in here. I see my businesses going far this year’’