For good customer service, it is important for entrepreneurs to involve users or their customers throughout the process of developing the product in order to connect with their actual needs and coming out with the proper solution.

Her Innovation event is a platform for young women with innovative solutions to network and create more opportunities, learn and discuss issues that face them on their daily business operations.

In its second time at the Innovation Week by HDIF, Her Innovation 2018 highlighted the Principles for Digital Development specifically ‘Design with the user’ digital principle by giving Ndoto Hub members an opportunity to design their solutions with the users of their products from various areas including business owners, development partners, university students, social organizations and other entrepreneurs for product prototype, demonstrations and interactive discussions.

The event was very engaging and participatory, we had dynamic discussions to allow the participants to walk through prepared tables of the innovative young women entrepreneurs to understand their solutions and exchange ideas to enhance improvement of their products and services. Ndoto hub members were showcasing their innovative solutions towards agribusiness and food processing sector and one on one discussion between the participants. It was a very great opportunity for Ndoto Hub members to catch up with the users of their products and collect genuine feedback.

Ndoto Hub members met a diverse group of people (whom they couldn’t possible meet them anywhere) from different areas, races and opinions as far as they tried to play different roles as a good or a difficult customer. This gave out an opportunity to collaborate and link up with other visitors apart from hub members.

The event left both invited visitors and members of Ndoto Hub who are having innovative solution very inspired. Ndoto Hub members reported to have learnt great things from feedback they received, they hope to keep improving their products to match with user needs. Some participants also, shared their cents about the event; Tecla Malulu, an entrepreneur said, ‘I used to be inspired pictures of Ndoto Hub on Instagram, after speaking to these innovative ladies who are members of Ndoto Hub, I am more inspired and learnt a lot. I would like to encourage each one of us that, everything is possible, we should not give up.’

Also, Bernadetha Bukuru, an entrepreneur, ‘I have loved everything about today’s event. I have met and linked up with many people in here. I encourage these events to be happening more often’

However, through this event; Ndoto Hub got an opportunity to collaborate with Nala Money for the better future of the young women entrepreneurs at Ndoto Hub.