Every month, Ndoto Hub brings up a ‘Pop up Training’ as a knowledge and networking event that gathers various entrepreneurs with the aim of learning, networking and share business information.

In July, Ndoto Hub partnered with TOT Academy that has a sister company known as TOT Bonanza that does sports bonanza twice a year for Tanzanians on Twitter (TOT).

One among the activity towards Sports bonanza in this July was to provide knowledge for the entrepreneurs who sign up to showcase their businesses during the congregation.

By understanding the value that Ndoto Hub gives the entrepreneurs, TOT Academy pledges to add value to other entrepreneurs as well towards the bonanza.

The training was treated as a small business-clinic for the entrepreneurs to learn knowledge on pertinent issues that influence the growth of their businesses. That included accounts and record-keeping and tax compliances, how to leverage social media platforms for the growth of businesses, branding, and marketing altogether.

Stay tuned for the coming ‘Pop Up Training’, keep following up through our social media pages i.e. Facebook, Instagram and twitter @ndotohub