INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY: How can we be Each for Equal?

A woman is an entity. She carries a lot of things and activities on her shoulders. She is a wife, partner, organizer, administrator, director, re-creator, disburser, economist, mother, disciplinarian, teacher, health officer, artist and queen in the family at the same time.

NDOTO HUB FOURTH COHORT - Agri-business and Life style and Beauty

We are so excited for the first time to launch a cohort with a mixed theme, Agri-business together with Lifestyle and Beauty. But again, for the first time we are taking twenty-five (25) members, which is a huge number of participants compared to the previous cohorts since the start of Ndoto hub back in 2018.


Vodacom and Smart Lab partner to support business startups in new “Vodacom Digital Accelerator” Vodacom Tanzania Plc and Smart Lab launched “Vodacom Digital Accelerator,” a program that intends to help early-stage and growth-stage technology startups become profitable and revenue generating businesses.

FARAJA FORUM MASTERCLASS Next Level: From Start Up to Success

This was another powerful session by the Faraja Forum, as we know, we learn through teaching others and we are empowered through empowering others. Together with Faraja Nyalandu, the Executive Director for Shule Direct, we had Ms. Luphurise Lema, the Founder for Soaring Women International.


On this day we had such a wonderful day with the Canadian High Commissioner, Hon. Pamela O’Donnell in commemoration of the International day of a girl child.


Every month, Ndoto Hub brings up a ‘Pop up Training’ as a knowledge and networking event that gathers various entrepreneurs with the aim of learning, networking and share business information.

In July, Ndoto Hub partnered with TOT Academy that has a sister company known as TOT Bonanza that does sports bonanza twice a year for Tanzanians on Twitter (TOT).

Shule Direct Receives Two-Year Funding Support from Global Affairs Canada

Shule Direct is pleased to announce the launch of a two-year funding commitment from Global Affairs Canada (GAC) for Shule Direct’s women focused initiative Ndoto Hub. Created in 2018, Ndoto Hub is the only hub in Tanzania completely dedicated to young women, addressing their needs by investing in nurturing, mentoring, and coaching. The mission of the Hub is to propel the next generation of successful innovative Tanzanian women entrepreneurs, and its vision is for a prosperous Africa where women lead sustainable businesses and livelihoods. In Kiswahili, Ndoto means dream - Innovation begins with a dream.


In every year during the HDIF's Innovation week, Shule Direct through its incubator; Ndoto Hub brings ‘Her Innovation’ series of event; that is a platform for young women with innovative solutions to learn and network with their potential clients and other entrepreneurs so as to create more opportunities for themselves. By the highlighted Principles for Digital Development, the principle of ‘Design with a user’ provides Ndoto Hub cohort members (women entrepreneurs) an opportunity to design their solutions with their users (clients or participants of the event).

Her Innovation 2019

The Executive Director of Shule Direct, Ms Faraja Nyalandu explains more about Ndoto Hub offers to women entrepreneurs during her interview with BBC Swahili.

Our Ndoto Hub Alumnus, Lisa Mtaki, founder and Managing Director of Lisa Spices, has been featured on BBC Africa #MikasiLeo under the label of #100Bora sharing her story regarding her business achievements through adding value to the food spices as the core mission of Lisa Spices Brand. #AnzaNaNdoto #NdotoStar #NdotoHub

Lisa Mtaki, the alumnus of Ndoto Hub, shared her story regarding the benefit she received after attending the incubation program of Ndoto Hub during the East Africa Youth Leadership Summit 2018 at MSTDC. Source: Kenya Television Network


On 19th March 2019, Ndoto Hub partnered with Turku University to conduct a design workshop with various experts from the various university in Tanzania i.e. the Sokoine University of Agriculture, University of Dar Es Salaam and Ardhi University along with some of women entrepreneurs from Ndoto Hub to discussing a critical challenge and coming up with alternative solutions.
And the challenge for the discussion was ‘How can start-ups access funds or finance their businesses in Tanzania?’


Women have an uncanny desire to fix things. Call them natural born fixers. They would look at a challenge whatever the face it has put on and start devising ways to solve it. For themselves, for others, for their communities, they would go to lengths to create value. In some cases, it would be providing what people need or in other cases what people want. As a woman entrepreneur you need to leverage your skills, networks, experiences and expertise to provide that value. From this backdrop, Ndoto Hub in coordination with WaterAid Tanzania and the High Commission of Canada to Tanzania organized a mentorship workshop between Canadian and Tanzania Women Entrepreneurs to hold a dialogue and share lessons on how to succeed in the face of adversities.


For good customer service, it is important for entrepreneurs to involve users or their customers throughout the process of developing the product in order to connect with their actual needs and coming out with the proper solution.

Her Innovation event is a platform for young women with innovative solutions to network and create more opportunities, learn and discuss issues that face them on their daily business operations.