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Learn on NdotoDigital


Ndoto Hub offers a very congenial & a mix of creative co-working space, private and dedicated working space, meeting rooms and events

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Ndoto Hub invests on nurturing, motivating, mentoring, coaching and empowering experience to young women in order to build on strengths,

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Ndoto Hub offers young women with innovative ideas to learn how to grow and manage their business and assign tasks with timelines towards that growth.

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We believe that, entrepreneurship can unlock human potential and can provide a number of solutions towards community problems.

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Hello and

Welcome to Ndoto Hub

Ndoto Hub is a marketplace of business ideas and opportunities to socially and economically empower young women, bringing them together to access workspace, information, knowledge, markets and networks curated for their business and personal growth. The hub is supported with a digital learning platform and member led community groups.

Ndoto Hub not only provides access to a workspace, business development and compliance information and services but also incorporates information and mentorship support for young women’s personal growth, which is pertinent to their professional growth. Empowering a woman requires a holistic approach that cannot separate the different dynamics that women face throughout the day to enable them to thrive as family members, mothers and business people.

To achieve this, it is important to leverage existing research and involve the target users and beneficiaries to create both the physical hub and a digital community that together, form the Ndoto Hub.

Mission and Vision

To propel the next generation of successful innovative women entrepreneurs

For a prosperous Africa where women lead sustainable businesses and livelihoods.

Theory of Change

Ndoto Hub is built on a market-driven curriculum that aim to meet the demands of young women entrepreneurs

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Rebecca gyumi
Executive Director - Msichana Innitiative
Adam Anthony
Jacqueline Mkindi
CEO - Tanzania Hotculture Association
Reena Pandya
Head of Marketing - Raha Liquid Telecom
Nisha Ligon
Co Founder & CEO of Ubongo
Nancy Sumari
Executive Director The Jenga Hub
Jumanne Mtambalike
Co-Founder Sahara Ventures
Fatema Dewji
Director of Marketing - Metl Group
Faraja Nyalandu
Executive Director Shule Direct
Irene Kiwia
Managing Director: Frontline Porter Novelli
Diana Matondane
Founder and Managing Director - DKM Legal
Monica Joseph
Founder and Managing Director - Monfinance Ltd
Chaba Ruhwanya
Founder and Managing Director - Kidsevents
Salum Awadh
Founder & Managing Director SSC Capital
Patra Sumari
HR Consultant
Chemical & Process Engineer
Mercy Kitomari
Founder & Managing Director Nelwas Gelato
Michael G. Nilongo
Project Officer-Community Development and Governance.
Khadija Ally
Founder & Managing Director Haiba ya Afrika (Asali ya Bibi)
Elizabeth Mwambulukutu
Communications, Monitoring and Evaluations Specialist-(ASPIRES)
Elias Patrick
Ellys Brand
Aunt Sadaka Gandi
Psychologist and Lifestyle Consultant
Gillsant Maleko
Swahili Digital
Adv. Getrude Dyabene
Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC)
Iku Lazaro
COO Shule Direct
Enos Salema
Global Business Builder and Coach
Fatma Said
Director of Finance & Administration Shule Direct
Lillian Madeje
Founder of NIAJIRI Platform
Zuweina Farah
Executive Director AMCHAM-TZ
Joel Nanauka
Founder of Africa Success Academy
fourth COHORT


  • Caroline Arnold

  • Esther Peter

  • Joyce Johannes

  • Ketteneema Lukindo

  • Agnes Mange

  • Maife Kapinga

  • Huruma Konga

  • Deborah Muoja

  • Zainab Lukuta

  • Saumu Haroun

  • Magreth Massawe

  • Lilian Msilu

  • Beatha Ndanga

  • Nora Mnyawami

  • Irene Mwingira

  • Eva Kakwale

  • Jackline Mbogella

  • Esther Kasililika

  • Grace Mungure

  • Jackline Kisanga

  • Rabia Kamenya

  • Zahra Abeid

  • Mariam Kibari

Ndoto Hub Membership


We are admitting young women under 35 years old with innovative ideas to learn how to grow their business through a competitive recruitment process and stakeholders’ recommendations. You can also become a member of Ndoto Hub digital community to access business development support that is open anytime and anywhere through subscriptions.

A membership can also be obtained by booking your shared working space Here. Our goal is to make sure that your experience is positive and all services meet your needs.

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