This was another powerful session by the Faraja Forum, as we know, we learn through teaching others and we are empowered through empowering others.

Together with Faraja Nyalandu, the Executive Director for Shule Direct, we had Ms. Luphurise Lema, the Founder for Soaring Women International.

Together we had an interesting discussion on eliminating description against girls in education, skills development and training.

The masterclass was entitled Next Level, how do one move from being a start up to success. Most of the important things discussed were, to achieve personal branding one must have self-awareness, invest in personal development, collaborate, be focused, have a platform to showcase yourself and enhance your emotional intelligence.

As an entrepreneur, one must have a system to run the entire business. That system does not belong to the founder but to the entire team. The team must understand and abide by it well.

The way you are today has nothing to do with where you will be tomorrow. You must never limit your potential and underestimate your dreams because of present circumstances. There is always room for growth as long as you are ready to learn.

Our take home statement of the day was, “Learners and Leaders, what differentiates extra ordinary people and ordinary people is information”